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The Insurance School of the Central Valley offers on-line courses that are the opportunity for anybody of average intelligence to begin a high earning career without spending large amounts of money, or spending large amounts of time acquiring the necessary skills.

We taught live classes for nearly 20 years (Pre-licensing for property & Casualty, Life & Health, securities classes, and a 12 hour Code and Ethics class. We have used ABLE on-line courses since 1994 (They later became Exam FX) to supplement our live courses. We felt live was best, and still do. However times do change. We all live in a computer world today.

We were Exam FX’s very first or second California vendors. We (Harry and Helen) no longer have the ability (age and health) to do a good job in the live classroom. But we have watched Exam FX grow, and improve and prosper. Today their on-line courses match in performance results those that we experienced with live presentations!

What you should know is this: They do what they say they will do! Many of you reading this know us (Harry & Helen) but do not know them, Exam FX that is. We put our professional and personal reputation and name on Exam FX products. We looked nation-wide for a superior on-line supplier. Spent money to do so by trying some out – not good enough. We found none better than Exam FX.

Take a few moments to look at the offered courses as well as the rest of our web site. Feel free to call us ( 209-521-0874 ) or Email us: and question us about the insurance industry, about employers (who are looking to hire); about the subject matter of the course; a particular question or subject area that you do not understand ask even about YOU and our opinion of how YOU will fit in the insurance industry, and where.

Our web master is intensely preoccupied with having the best online course possible. These words are not said by Harry & Helen frivolously. We have seen our Web Master’s material improve month after month, year after year. So that today they have the highest first time passing rate of any online pre-licensing course in California!

We competed against our own Web Master. The difference was this: We were live they were online. Our live school won! But as the years passed our Web Master because of the many constant improvements got better and better so that today the y are the same high percentage first time passing as our live classes were! And with the Advantage Program, even higher.

In other words, if you want a quality live pre-licensing course ExamFX provides that quality level. This is what you expect in a live presentation except it’s now online.



Classes are 52 hours except where noted.

Highest first-time passing rate of any online course offered in California.

Insurance Courses

  • Life and Health Insurance
  • Limited Lines Automobile
  • Property and Casualty Insurance

Securities Courses

Series 6&63

  • Standard: $189.95
  • Premium: $224.95
  • Online Video: $39.95
  • Flashcards: $19.95

Series 7

  • Standard: $224.95
  • Premium: $289.95
  • Online Video: $39.95
  • Flashcards: $19.95

Series 66

  • Standard: $149.95
  • Premium: $179.95

Series 65

  • Standard: $189.95
  • Premium: $219.95

Series 24

  • Standard: $219.95
  • Premium: $240.95

Series 26

  • Standard: $199.95
  • Premium: $224.95

Click here to inspect and sign-up for the securities classes. See the Insurance Classes page for info about insurance classes and their tuition fees.

$40-60 courses might look appealing, but you’ll be glad you spent a little more on this quality material. Exam FX has the highest first time passing rate in California.* And you can’t miss with the guarantee: you will pass your exam on your first attempt. If you fail the State exam within three days after scoring 80% on the Guarantee Exam, you will be refunded the cost of the material after providing a copy of the State exam results and access code.

*according to the DOI(Department of Insurance) tracking


Continuing Education

Continuing education is mandatory, and your requirement is 24 units every two years.

The Insurance School of the Central Valley offers many Continuing Education online courses for your convenience. The State of California Department of Insurance requires Agents to complete 24 hours of continuing education every 2 years. Overages of hours may be carried forward into the next cycle.

In order to earn Continuing Education Units a score of 70% or better must be achieved.

Funeral and Burial Classes

These classes are usually taught in the Funeral Home themselves! Harry does the classes.

The time involved is from 2 to 4 days depending on the locations of the Funeral Home. The actual class time is two 8 hour days usually in mid-week although weekends are acceptable. The 4 day schedule is for locations further away from the Central Valley. For example San Bernardino, Los Angeles, San Diego, Ukiah, are four days: The first day is travel to the location and setup the classroom. The 2nd day is the first day of class. The 3rd day is the 2nd day of class. The 4th day is travel to home base (Modesto). Middle distant locations in Bakersfield, Fresno, Monterey, Sacramento is a three day block of time. Day one travel, setup. Day 2 class, day 3 class. Return after class to Modesto. Nearby locations, Merced, Stockton, Lodi, Concord just 2 days.